Christmas is a time for… ads

Courtesy of the fine people at U Talk Marketing.Com, here’s their list of the top 5 Christmas TV ads.

You won’t be surprised to see the likes of Heineken and PG Tips in there but do you agree with the rest?

I do like the John Lewis example but I’m afraid my psyche has been out-psyched by their recent Always a Woman ad with Billy Joel’s song of the same name sang by Fyfe Dangerfield. A brilliant song and an ad which millions loved. I still love the song but I’m afraid I found ad a tad depressing.

How do you feel when you watch it?

I find it depressing because, especially at this magical time of year for children, I don’t want to be reminded of my own fleeting existence and the inevitable mortality that brings.

And on that note, have a great Christmas!

And give me knitted monkeys dressed up as Elizabeth Windsor every day of the week.

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