Communication letting you down?

Apologies if I’ve just wedged that annoying Spandau Ballet tune in your head.

My excuse is I just had to mention a breakdown in communication I suffered today on that most majorist of major communication channels, Twitter.

No need for much explanation; the screenshot of the conversation, reading from bottom up, should do the trick (just click to enlarge if you’re as blind as me).

I guess the words by the cursor say it all really and I guess it also just goes to prove at least two points:

1. I’m not half as funny as I thought I was and should probably scrap the childish, copywriter-based jokes.

2. If you’re on Twitter to market your wares, do the thing that all those social media gurus go on about ad infinitum: engage.

Yup, sometime soon, ‘engage’ will become a very dirty word but if there’s one medium in which you can actually have a conversation, get to know who you’re talking to and do away with all those bludgeoning 18-wheel inarticulated sales techniques, it’s Twitter.

Use it wisely, my sales friends.
Larner Caleb

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    • Peter Baruffati
      April 15, 2010 - 5:58 pm

      A priceless conversation Larner. Isn’t it interesting how subtle the ‘b’ in subtle is? Such subtlety seems to be lost on the useless b’s at Global Lingo.

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