Mann Island, Countryside Properties

One of my favourite projects with Of Creative

Mann Island consists of two angular edifices stunningly formed in black granite, with a glassed public area in between. The development stamps a bold mark on the world famous skyline amongst Liverpool’s Three Graces and has previously caused no small amount of controversy in the north-west of England. That’s why the rebrand of this development – a project of great importance – required maximum concentration and a great deal of respect. Luckily, I got to work with the great people at Of Creative in order to do justice to what turned out to be an award-winning branding project.

Developing the creative strategy for this type of branding project, real and tangible history and proven insight provided the lead. The main objective was to create a brand that had real meaning behind it.

The major stand-out aspect of Mann Island was its complete visual uniqueness – both in Liverpool and in the UK. And whilst one of the key aims was to make this an aspirational experience, pulling the actual bricks, mortar and granite – the very shape of the structure, into the mix was crucial. In addition, Mann Island is situated on a World Heritage site – a globally famous dock that was once the starting and finishing point for pioneers, emigrants and explorers. In creating meaningful branding from the structure, the history and the aspirational aspect of Mann Island, ‘Life to a greater degree’ came to life, referring to views, angles, compass points and a yearning for something better. And referring to the proud history of this great area, the names ‘Latitude’ and ‘Longitude’ for the two main buildings were conceived, as was ‘Equator’ – the public area in the centre.

The project won Best Branding and Marketing at the UK Property Awards – one of the property industry’s most prestigious accolades – and was shortlisted at the International Property Awards.