Freelance Copywriter – Self Promotion

Getting social to get work

As a Leeds-based freelance copywriter, I had great fun doing the rounds of agencies in the north, London and further afield. Not least, in some of the self-promotional marketing required as part of my keeping-the-family-off-the-bread-and-water strategy. As part of that strategy, I used You Tube in combination with some video editing software and a few well-chosen emails to keep my name out there and keep the work coming in. Although I’m no advocate of selling over-egged training packages in social media to businesses, I’ve found it to be a half-decent sales channel whilst freelancing – especially You Tube and Twitter.

When doing your own marketing, there’s no one else to answer to, so you can afford to be a little cheeky, not only with what you say, but also with the bits and bobs you can find and mash-up online. Whilst I first saw the Downfall spoof as a football-related spot, I produced my version shortly before the whole world started doing a version (honest), thinking I could get the messaging to relate well with agency people. And it worked a treat; for a couple of hours spent on my mac, I got a phone call a day or so later with the offer of two months’ worth of freelance copywriting.

If only all ROIs were that good!