Who said January was a miserable month?

Things are looking up.

First Wossie sticks in his notice at the Beeb; no more Friday night baby-bound gagfest from the sexist boys’ club. No more browbeating that wotsisname, you know… the far-too faithful serf on a Sunday morning.

Then Chris Evans takes over from the Irish rambler on a weekday morning. Channels switched eagerly – back from suffering the half-hourly breakfast loop of 5 Live’s Daily-Mail-For-Ears to the now upbeat and optimistic Radio 2 for the journey from bed to bathroom to work.

Of course, I won’t be faithful. At that time of morning there’s only so much Motown you can take. And Radio 4 will make a suitable refuge as always, but yep, for a freezing cold, grey and dank January – it’s not half bad.

Not important?

Well for me it’s about the company you keep.

And the company that keeps you.
Larner Caleb

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