Will it really change minds?

Ok, this post is intended for a crumb of parity but bugger me, The Little Shop Of Stop-The-Traffic Political Slogans must be clean out of brilliant straplines.

The Tories seem to have nipped in just after Labour and taken the last humdinger, ‘Vote For Change.’

That’s it, everybody. All decent slogans are gone. Thanks for your time. Clear off Clegg. Nothing to see here.

Do I really believe that? No. Because I don’t believe in this cynically contrived line.

I don’t want to Vote For Change. I’ve got plenty of the stuff rattling around in my pocket where notes should be. Talking of which, there’s nothing noteworthy about voting for change. A change is as good as a rest. So excuse me if I don’t vote for a rest when a good hard kick up the arse will do this country more good.

It’s just a half-arsed plea that cries, ‘Pissed off with years of humbugs? Then try our Lucky Bag. We haven’t a clue what’s in it but at least it’s different.’

I want to vote for hope. For light at the end of the tunnel. For stability. For some policies.

Trouble is, Cameron is that smooth talking sales rep with no product to shift.

And because I’ve only got change in my pocket, I’m definitely not buying.

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February 28th, 2010 3 Comments



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    • rowenaf
      March 1, 2010 - 4:36 pm

      Perhaps they’re ensuring they can’t be sued.

      “Yes, we promised you change. But we never actually said it would be change for the better…”

    • domconlon
      March 1, 2010 - 4:48 pm

      Yesterday evening I caught a bit of Have I Got News For You. It was an old one centred around the US election. Obama’s line was also something about change (so no guessing where Cameron nabbed it from). One of the panel observed that nobody votes for more of the same. It’s a nonsense claim to stand for change.

      So yes, hope, stability and a future. Change is abstract, policies are not. What a refreshing change it would make if a party’s line was “Vote to take profit out of health and education” or “Vote for a national transport policy”.

      I’d press my red button for that.

      Great article Larner.

    • Peter Baruffati
      March 1, 2010 - 5:11 pm

      There has to be something about steadying the ship and getting your C-Legg’s.

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